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Have your own TV Channel

Traditional Terrestrial TV and Cable Channels are very costly. Costs starting from at least 250K Your Vision TV Network are disruptors in the TV broadcasting arena. Do you want more customers? Do you want to put your business, product, brand or service in front of a targeted audience? Every successful business understands that every situation and event is an opportunity and here is the gamechanger.

YOU YES YOU can now in 2021/22 have a tool that will continue to help your business get in front of new customers. You can now compete with the Super brands that spend billions each year on TV ads. You can have your very own TV channel that puts your business, brand product or service in front of your target audience for the fraction of the cost.
You Channel
How to have your own TV channel.

You supply the video content.

We design, create and manage the channel for you.

Contact us for information about our amazing introductory Channel set up fees.

Time to air for a new channel is from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the number of programs / videos that you have.

Additional programs can be aired within hours or days, depending on your requirements.

We can also supply an advertising income if required.

Please Contact us with an outline of your proposal.

Content is king why not have your own TV Channel and expand your business empire with your own content!
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